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20100723_123The planning phase of an adventure is one of the most exciting parts of the journey.  It’s where you somehow come up with an audacious goal, brainstorm and start imagining the possibilities.  As a fairly big goal-setter I tend to spend a lot of time planning out what’s next.  I don’t limit this to personal achievements but also plan work ventures and family experiences. It keeps me driven otherwise I don’t feel like I’m living life.  Others are fine with regular routines and average / safe life experiences, and that’s great, but that’s not me.

Creating a goal is based on opportunity, timing, ability and finances.  If I’m traveling somewhere for work I try to find something unusual in that area that I can explore, typically in the form of mountaineering.  I have something on the East Coast coming up where I’m planning an ultra climb of multiple peaks in a very small timeframe.  Stay tuned.

Goals create purpose and motivation.  When you live to just survive the week, you’ll probably survive but you probably won’t smile much.  Like having faith a goal gives you direction and a reason to keeping pushing forward in life.

Cliche warning – Accomplishing goals is the ultimate challenge but I don’t feel it’s as important as the journey there.  You learn so much along the way and many times realize your end goal wasn’t even close to what you were searching for.  In the end you develop better habits of small goal creations and attainable accomplishments.  This is a fantastic trait to display by actions to your children to prepare them for the real world.

“For a dream comes with much business, and a fool’s voice with many words.” Ecclesiastes 5:3

    • jay lynn
    • September 11, 2014

    Well said Brian, live to thrive….not to survive. And BTW, the teams were stacked tonight at the soccer game, your favor, and our boys had some kind of emotional crisis going on!

      • Brian Dickinson
      • September 12, 2014

      True, but they still did good. Maybe next year we can add Max to the stack. 🙂

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