Retraining our Brains

I recently wrote an article for Mind Body Green called “I Went Blind At The Top Of Everest. Here’s How I Survived”. In the article I spoke about Faith and Focus, but I also touched on technology and social media, which I feel is a very important … [Read more]

Focus and Faith

After 10 days in Hawaii it's nice to be back home to enjoy the autumn colors of the Pacific Northwest.  While in Honolulu I was called in to be on a show for Trinity Broadcast Network.  JoAnna ended up being on the show with me, which was cool … [Read more]

Be a Doer not a Sayer

Many talk about what they are going to do but there's always some barrier (excuse) blocking their ability to accomplish their goals.  This is a major pet peeve of mine, but it also plays into my personality.  I'd rather remain silent and accomplish … [Read more]